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Troubleshooting Instantel Seismographs
Support for Instantel Vibration Monitoring Seismographs

Call or Email us if you Need Support for your Instantel Seismograph.  Follow our Youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest support questions and answers.

If you need remote vibration monitoring with email or text alerts for your Instantel seismograph, we have the expertise, equipment and support to get you started.  Whether you have one or hundreds of seismographs, our technology and experience can help you to manage your fleet.  If you already own equipment and you’re looking for someone to make it more reliable, our experts can help.

Submitting a Repair or Calibration Request RMA

Seismograph Calibration is important to ensure the instrument is performing as it was designed to, and accurately measures the true ground vibration and air overpressure. The recommended interval for calibration of most measuring equipment including seismographs is one year.  Read more about calibrating sensors with this pdf guide.  

Calibrations and Repair RMAs (return authorizations) can be requested through email by providing us with the unit serial number, shipping and billing addresses.  If you prefer to manage this yourself, you have the benefit of tracking the progress as well as downloading calibration certificates.  Use the Instantel Infochange website.

General Troubleshooting and Support Information:Instantel Remote Monitoring Seismographs

All Dr Walter Powercase rentals include Instantel Micromates with modems.  They are preconfigured as a turn-key system.  They are pre-set to communicate with our Auto Call Home™ server which includes security, backups, verified email delivery, now featuring fleet management which makes it simple to track multiple units including voltages for solar powered sites.  If you’re looking for answers to general operating procedures, a good place to start is with the documentation listed below.


  1. User Guides:
    1. Software Userguides: Blastware  or Thor
    2. Minimate Plus Userguide
    3. Micromate Userguide

Battery Support:

The most common problem you’ll encounter after adding a modem to your vibration monitoring site is a weak battery.  If your site is limited to solar, or battery only, we offer a new extremely low-power modem for these tough locations.  We also have high power solar panels and extended life battery options available.

If you already have a Sierra Wireless RV50, LS300, Raven XT or equivalent modem, we can help you make sure that you’re utilizing all of the modem’s power saving features. You’ll want to make sure that your optimizing signal strength with an antenna that’s designed for the monitoring location and box type.

Monitoring locations often have limited power or communications options.  We suggest that you perform a site-survey to determine adequate signal and power.  We rent and sell equipment that works anywhere.  If you’re monitoring below ground in a basement, we may recommend geophone extension cables, antennas, even wifi, a private network radio or cellular range extenders.  If you want to use solar power, find a location with a clear view of the sky during peak hours in the Winter and Summer.  If you need to install on a rooftop, we have solar extension cables available.

Make sure you’re using the correct type of battery.  In colder climates, nearly all commercially available lithium batteries will loose their rated capacity during the winter months.  Not only does cold weather affect the storage capacity, but most lithium battery types cannot charge below freezing, yet they run to below 0 degrees. The best practice is to add a large AGM or deep cycle marine battery and solar panel.  100 amp hour batteries should be swapped at least once per month.  Different types of batteries have a depth of discharge between 50 (AGM) to 80% (lead acid)  If you used a large lithium battery, you would still have problems in cold weather and you won’t be able to air or ground ship it (Hazmat CFR 49 regulations).  If you’re without AC power or external DC power, or if direct sunlight is limited you will want to use 1 or more deep cycle batteries to maintain your vibration monitoring equipment for extended periods.  We have the expertise to guide you through any tough monitoring project, our Powercase and Security Enclosures are designed to handle the extremes.  They are designed to run 24/7 with the lowest power consumption available for Instantel seismograph monitoring.  This makes our equipment the most reliable in the industry.

Rental Equipment Recommendations:

Contact us if you would like recommendations for your existing or upcoming vibration monitoring project and we can design a custom reliable solution for you.  If you need long term remote monitoring and you don’t want to swap batteries regularly, we will customize a rental package for you.  We suggest a Powercase for most projects since it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor vibration monitoring and gives you the ability to easily move the equipment.  You can even install it into a DIY job box and add batteries, solar panels and secure the equipment .

We will guide you through the entire setup process and answer any questions you may have.  Since our rentals are completely turn-key, we determine the best equipment for your location and time of year.  You won’t have to worry about your notifications ending up in a spam folder, or waiting hours to receive a text message.  Our experts ensure that we have the most reliable remote monitoring system available.

Whether you’re using our rental equipment or you’ve purchased your own, Email and Text notifications and automatic backups are included with the rental of our remote monitoring package for Instantel Minimate Plus™ and Instantel Micromate or Powercase with Micromate™.  

If you want to ensure your seismograph is online and actively monitoring, use the assigned IP address and port number to connect with Blastware for Instantel Minimate and Blastmate III seismographs, or Thor for Instantel Micromates only.  Your unit should say “Histogram Combo Monitoring, or Waveform Monitoring” for its monitoring status.

Troubleshooting the Micromate Schedule:

This post goes into detail on the Micromate schedule.  More information is available in the documentation as well.

Testing Auto Call Home:

This post goes into detail on how to get your Instantel Micromate to call home.

  1. If you have any other support questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

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