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Support for Instantel Calibrations, Repairs, and Remote Monitoring

Call or Email us if you Need Support Immediate for your Instantel Seismograph.

If you need remote monitoring with email or text alerts, we have the expertise, equipment and support to get you started.  If you already have unit on modem and have been having problems, or finding them idle (stopped monitoring automatically), our experts can help you fix the issue.

Calibrations and Repair RMAs (return authorizations) can be requested through email by providing us with the unit serial number, shipping and billing addresses.  If you prefer to do this yourself, start here at Instantel Infochange.  Additional support options are listed below.

Troubleshooting and Support:

All rental units with remote monitoring are pre-configured to communicate with our Auto Call Home™ server.  The most common problem you’ll encounter by adding a modem is a weak external battery.   50ah or larger batteries typically work up to 2 weeks without external power.  If you need long term remote monitoring, add a solar package or request a Powercase rental.  Email / Text notifications and automatic downloads are included with rental of our remote monitoring package for Minimate Plus™ and Powercase for Micromate™.

  1. If you want to ensure your seismograph is online and monitoring, use the assigned IP address and port number to connect with Blastware for Minimate and Blastmate III seismographs, or Thor for Micromates only.  Your unit should say “Histogram Combo Monitoring, or Waveform Monitoring” for its monitoring status.

a.  *** Micromates Only: After you start monitoring, if your Micromate continues to say “scheduler running” after approx. 30 seconds, the unit is likely NOT in monitoring mode.  To fix this you’ll need to ensure that the scheduler has only a single “Start Monitoring” entry at the beginning of the day, we recommend that you add a “Stop Monitoring” entry at the end of the day.  Autocall home entries are not typically needed in the scheduler, and may prevent the Micromate from monitoring.

b. ***Caution for Micromate Users!  The Micromate scheduler’s “Start Monitoring” entry must match the setup file that you want to use, deleting the setup file will NOT prevent the scheduler from using an old or deleted setup file.  Be careful using the scheduler, otherwise you could be out of compliance and your email alerts could contain the wrong client or job notes.  If your not sure what to do then keep the scheduler disabled, enabling it on the Micromate screen doesn’t show what setup file is used so either connect through Thor, or keep it disabled until you can verify what setup file its using.

  1.  Auto Call Home and Blastware Mail systems are ready to answer incoming calls from your seismograph.  This connection can be tested on Micromates by pressing cancel from a monitoring session, or on a Minimate plus by holding the right arrow and setups, then pressing enter until you see the call home option.
  2. If your modem has a public facing static IP address, you can verify the modem voltage by logging into the modem with your web browser using the assigned IP address, port number and credentials that are provided to you.  Otherwise, you can request this information from us.  You may also upgrade to our fleet management system to receive a daily repoart containing connection information and voltages.
  3. Software downloads:  Thor for Micromates or Blastware for Series III (Minimate Plus or Blastmate III) units.
  4. User Guides:
    1. Software Userguides: Blastware  or Thor
    2. Minimate Plus Userguide
    3. Micromate Userguide
  5. How to start a call home session using a Micromate: If the modem, seismograph and server are properly configured, and your in histogram/combo mode, on the Micromate you can start then stop monitoring and the unit will call home, you should receive an email within 5 minutes.  This can be done remotely in Thor, however you must immediately close Thor after you stop monitoring.  Once the unit has completed its call home and you receive the emails, it will become responsive in Thor once again after manually refreshing the connection.  You will then need to start monitoring on the unit again, otherwise it won’t be monitoring until the next scheduled “start monitoring” entry.
  6. If you have any other support questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

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