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Rent an Instantel Seismograph

Looking to rent an Instantel seismograph? If you’re an existing customer, feel free to fill out the form below. New customers can pay by check or credit card or request 30 day payment terms. Instantel Micromate and Minimate Plus units are available as standalone rentals.Instantel Micromate

If you want email and text message alerts for your vibration monitoring rental, this add the ability for you to leave for lunch, or for the day or for the entire project duration, you can rent an Instantel seismograph with a portable Powercase that connects through AT&T or Verizon cell towers and is always online. Our seismograph rental upgrade for the standalone Instantel Micromate are a remote monitoring system in a Powercase enclosure with an AC wall adapter, external battery adapter and solar panel.

We prefer to rent a turn-key vibration monitoring system to our customers so that they can focus on the work. Our Powercase rentals give you the ability to quickly deploy the system and let it run until it needs recharged, typically once per week. It takes only a few minutes to install the geophone, connect the wiring and be online and ready to test your rental. If you have a secure site, you can add a solar panel directly to the Powercase.

If you need additional security, its aways best to use a lockable enclosure that will protect the equipment for theft or heavy equipment damage. If you already have a job box and you’d like to use it for your seismograph rental, we can send a DIY solar upgrade kit so that you can add a solar panel and wiring to your enclosure.

Please use the Remote Monitoring Form when setting up a new monitoring site. We can even help you set the trigger level, notes, and suggest the best type of monitoring for your project. If you’d like to rent an Instantel seismograph, either fill out the form below, or Send us an email or give us a call today.


    Terms and Conditions for renting Instantel Seismographs. https://www.drwalter.com/terms/

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