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Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Please secure your modems. If you’ve recently had an idle Series III seismograph, please read this. https://www.drwalter.com/idle-seismograph/

The following terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you (the Customer) and Dr. Edward J. Walter & Associates (DRW Associates).

DRW Associates will host Instantel’s Blastware software and use the Auto Call Home (ACH) & Blastware Mail (BWM) features to remotely collect data from Instantel Micromate, Minimate Plus and Pro seismographs.

  •  Responsibility of DRW Associates
    •  Set up and run server hardware and software.
    •  Setup cellular modem for Auto Call Home
    •  Provide and maintain mail server.  We will notify you of blacklist issues and bounce backs. 
    • Monitor server connections to ensure that systems are functioning properly
    •  Initial setup with on-site testing is included.  Once units are working reliably, it is your responsibility to monitor and maintain them.
    • Support requests that are outside the scope of“Responsibility of DRW Associates” and are stated under the “Responsibility of Customer” will be charged at a minimum of half hour intervals based on a rate of $80/hr.  A managed support package is available for an additional monthly fee.  This includes email updates, and support time for troubleshooting locations.
  •   Responsibility of the Customer
    • 1.  Provide DRW Associates with information listed on the “ACH Setup Form” This includes the serial number and IP address of equipment, email addresses and phone numbers and cellular carrier of email recipients.  Do not forget to complete a call home test before deploying equipment in the field.  If you experience problems receiving email notifications, It is your responsibility to whitelist our email server’s IP addresses and domain, please contact your IT department if this is the first time that you are getting set up to receive event notifications.  Up to 4 of your company’s internal email addresses are included with each project.  Additional email or text recipients that are not part of your company, or recipients in additional to the 4 will be billed extra each month.  You may wish to set up email forwarding rules in your email program so that emails are sent to your clients.  Your IT department can also set up forwarding for 1 recipient to send to everyone.  This helps to minimize the risk of being blacklisted and ensures that everyone receives notifications in a timely manner.
    • 2.  Configuration of MM+ or Micromate seismograph
      • a. Date and time (Seismograph date and time will be automatically updated upon a successful ACH session with the server.  Minimate Plus’ will be set to Eastern Time Zone unless you request that this option is disabled.  Micromates should be configured in Thor with the appropriate time zone and daylight savings time.
      • b.  Sensor check – must ensure all geophones/microphones are checked and error free .  When used outdoors, we recommend that geophones are buried according to ISEE field guidelines and cables are protected by placing an enclosure over the geophone.
      • c.  Compliance setup –
        • Recording setup – should be set to histogram combo mode
        • Trigger source and trigger level – Refer to project specifications or ask us for recommendation if one is not found.
        • Enable or disable microphone channel
        • Notes – Location note field is used for email subject line, other notes are optional.
        • Schedule –  Refer to the corresponding user manual. 
          • Minimate Plus: Set the “call home” times in blastware.  Choose whether you want the unit to “monitor while calling home”  If checked, Events will not be cleared from the unit when it calls home due to a trigger.  See below for configuring radio ring.
          • Micromate (advanced feature): use Thor to configure a schedule, blastware will corrupt the setup file and prevent Auto call home from functioning.  The schedule MUST be updated to use the active setup file.  Changes to an existing setup file do not require that the scheduler is updated.
        • Unit of measurement – Imperial or metric (imperial for most US based projects)
      • d.  Ensure the correct baud rate of seismograph is set using the unit’s keypad (MM+ should be 38400, Micromate should be 115200) ,
        • Micromate: the Modem type should be set to Generic
      • e.  Enable ACH from the unit’s keypad (Minimates need to be configures with “Radio Ring” by clearing any characters in all fields and clicking the radio ring button in the 1st field. Micromates can be configured via Thor.
    • 3.  Install rented equipment in the field, protect them from weather, disturbance, site damage, vandalism & theft.  We recommend chaining a lockable security enclosures/ job box.
    • 4.  Unless granted approval, use only DRW supplied chargers and power adapters.  Ensure that equipment is powered constantly.  If using solar power, ensure a clear view of the sky and use a large enough solar panel for the season and climate.  Solar should not be used unless direct sunlight is available for most of the day at the monitoring location.  AC power with battery backup is always best.  External deep cycle batteries should be used when AC or limited solar power is available.  When external battery is used, schedule battery swaps.  Feel free to contact us for power estimates, battery suggestions and swap cycles.
    • 5.  Ensure the seismograph is connected to the modem with the appropriate cable and that the seismograph is configured to accept incoming connections via modem.
    • 6.  Ensure the signal strength of the modems is sufficient (less than -90) to ensure trouble free communication.
    • 7. Always complete an on-site auto call home test to ensure that the system if functioning.  Micromates can be tested by starting, then pressing cancel once.  Minimates can be tested by holding the right arrow and setup button together, then press enter until you find the “call home now and monitor” then wait for it to transmit the data.  You should receive an email within 5 minutes, otherwise call or email us for support.
    • 8. Periodically check to ensure that units are working correctly.  This can be done by either setting up email notifications, check the event data (dropbox) folders periodically, or check the fleet management system (a development version is available for testing and feedback starting May 2018).
    • 9. Ensure that the seismograph, geophone and microphone have been calibrated within the past year.  If renting equipment, provide us with an estimated rental duration.
  • Payment
    • 1. Invoices are issued on the last day of each calendar month and cover the period of rental during that month.  New customers will be billed up front.
    • 2.  Invoiced rental charges are invoice for a minimum 2 week rental.  Remote monitoring is billed at a full monthly rate when renting a seismograph for 2 weeks.
    • 3.  Charges for additional hourly support will be included on the following monthly invoice.
    • 4.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment is due within 30-days of date of invoice.  Lack of timely payments may result in service suspension.

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