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Instantel® Seismograph Rentals – Product Sales – Remote Monitoring

Dr. Edward J. Walter & Associates is a major distributor of Instantel Seismographs.  We are one of the largest non-manufacturing dealers of seismic monitoring equipment in the world. We provide Instantel equipment and support for construction projects including pile driving, demolition, mining and quarry blasting and air overpression.  We also perform vibration, sound & noise studies.  These vibration monitors include Instantel Micromate, Minimate Plus and Minimate Pro seismographs.

For a complete list of available Instantel parts, download the new Product Catalog PDF.

Rent a seismograph

Our Instantel seismographs, and Powercases are available to buy, lease or rent.   Trained monitoring and technical support specialists are available to provide information regarding the deployment and operation of the equipment.  This ensures that optimal results are achieved regardless of application.  Basic usage and training for proper installation and operation is available.  We recommend that anyone who installs a geophone, follows the instructions within the ISEE field practice guidelines.  This will ensure that you are monitoring for regulated vibrations and compliance.

Seismograph data can be downloaded directly from the seismograph or remotely using our remote monitoring package.  Clients can be provided with training in-house or on-site. Our personnel are also available for consulting to help analyze and report on collected data.

RMA Service is available for prompt repair, annual calibration or instrument overhaul.  Our expert staff members are always available to assist with any situation that may arise.

Powercase – Portable Remote Monitoring System for Instantel Micromate

Available as a turnkey rental package and for saleClick Here to Request Yours Today
” The Powercase is designed for any (indoor/outdoor) monitoring site.  We’ve combined our decades of field experience with the latest technology to bring you the first available, most reliable, compact, and easy to use vibration and sound monitoring station available.”
Powercase Key Features
    We offer several options for our Instantel Micromate/Powercase system.
    • Solar Powercase comes with an external 50 watt solar panel and optional stand.  A new SAE solar charging port on the back ensures a quick connection to the Powercase.  A 15 amp hour  battery with up to 1 week  of battery reserve is now standard.  This can be extended to 2 weeks using advanced sleep functions.

    • Bring Your Own Modem (BYOM) Option. If you already have a RV50 modem sitting in a box with a mess of wires, send use your modem and we will build it into a new Powercase and extend the savings to you.  This gives you portability, simplicity and a professional look for your remote monitoring seismograph.

    • Upgrades can be made to new or existing Powercases.  These include, Solar panels, Integrated charge controllers, Batteries from 7.5 up to 24 amp hours, and new for 2020, Wifi remote monitoring.  Add a remote alarm controller with a horn and light, pre-wired inside of the Powercase.  We rent Verizon sim cards and can handle your modem support issues.  We now rent Pre-Configured Thor and Blastware Auto Call Home servers with email server, backups and security so that your modems are locked down.  No more worrying about idle seismographs or cellular data overages.  If you need more time between battery swaps, add a security enclosure. If your monitoring site has adequate sunlight, the next time you visit the site may be for next year’s calibration.

    Security Enclosure Package

    A DIY Secure Remote Monitoring System for your Powercase, Instantel Micromate, Modem and Battery.


    Our Security Enclosure Package is perfect for urban, residential areas, or construction sites.  It includes a solar panel with adjustable bracket to tilt the panel seasonally.  We can either ship the enclosure, or if you prefer to build it yourself, we can send a DIY to you to finish the build.  The deep cycle battery needs to be purchased buy locally due to hazmat.

    You can either add a portable Powercase or a pre-wired Micromate, Modem and Solar Panel to the inside for secure long term monitoring.

    security enclosure








    Instantel Micromate™ and MiniMate Pro

    NEWEST MODELS : Available for Rent and For Sale – Click Here to Request a Quote

    Instantel Micromate Technical Specifications

    Instantel MicromateThis system meets all the same technical specifications of the Instantel Blastmate III in addition to adding greater memory and battery life, along with faster processing, download speed and a revised, simpler user interface.  When combined with the Powercase or a security enclosure with remote monitoring, you can easily send email and text message alerts.  You can also configure the settings and download your event data from anywhere.




    Instantel Minimate Blaster and MiniMate Plus™

    Available for Rent – Click Here to Rent

    Instantel Minimate Plus







    Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for your upcoming project.

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