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Instantel Minimate Plus, Pro Blaster and Blastmate II and III

*Project Spec Note: The Instantel Minimate Plus, Minimate Blaster, and Blastmate II and Blastmate III are no longer made and are therefore only available for rent or trade-in for a new model that is currently supported.

If you have older equipment such as the Instantel Minimate blaster (see here), or Instantel Blastmate seismographs, we offer trade-in discounts.  If you are looking to upgrade your fleet or if you have geophones for sale, be sure to let us know.  We also sell accessories including geophones, microphones, extension cables, mounting plates, download cables, modems, antennas, wiring harnesses, solar panels and sensors for your seismographs.

Minimate Plus Technical Specifications

Instantel Minimate Plus

Key Features

  • Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capture of full waveform records while recording in histogram mode
  • Auto Call Home feature automates remote monitoring applications. • Sample rates from 1,024 to 4,096 S/s, per channel with up to 65,000 S/s available on a single channel.
  • Non-volatile memory with standard 300-event storage capacity (optional 1,500-event capacity).
  • Records waveform events up to 100 seconds long with standard setup, or up to 500 seconds with advanced setup.
  • Continuous monitoring means zero dead time, even while the unit is processing.
  • Αny channel can be matched to a wide variety of sensors – geophones, accelerometers, or hydrophones.

Instantel MiniMate Pro™

For Sale – Request a Quote

Pro 4 Specifications 

Instantel MiniMate Pro

Key Features
  • Instantel Minimate Pro is generally used for special projects that the Minimate Plus or Micromate will not support.  This may include subway monitoring, or high sensitivity locations.  Many of the accessories are still available for the minimate plus.
  • Dedicated function keys and intuitive menu-driven operation enable quick and easy setup.
  • Sample rates from 512 to 65,536 S/s per channel, independent of record times.
  • Continuous monitoring means zero dead time between Events, even while the unit is processing.
  • Instantel Histogram Combo mode allows capturing thousands of full waveform records while simultaneously recording in histogram mode.
  • Auto Call Home feature automates remote monitoring applications.
  • Non-volatile memory with standard 8,000-plus event storage capacity.
  • Records full waveform events over two hours long.
  • Match any channel with a variety of sensors; geophones, accelerometers, hydrophones and a dedicated microphone channel.
  • Optional Sound Microphone available for sound monitoring
  • Combine an ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone with the Sound Microphone to monitor two types of event data.

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