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Corona Virus

Mar 29, 2020 For information about how COVID-19 has affected our business operations

We prepared for the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent supply-chain disruption by increasing our stock of new and rental seismographs and Powercases. We currently have plenty of equipment in stock, however as construction projects start up this spring, its possible that there could be delays. In this case, available units will be provided as first come first serve basis. We will attend to all rental requests and product orders as soon as possible. It is still possible to receive rental equipment within 24 hours.

For the safety of our employees, their families and our clients, all of our company employees are working remotely. We follow Ohio’s strict “stay at home” guidelines and Federal guidelines for social distancing, cleaning and package handling. Our current procedure is to quarantine all inbound packages for at least 3 days before being opened, then disinfected. We use nitrile gloves and clean all of the equipment with Clorox disinfecting wipes and some parts with a 70% alcohol solution.

If you need to send your seismographs in for repair or yearly calibration, please be aware that Instantel currently has a 5 day inbound quarantine in place. They also use similar cleaning techniques on bags and equipment. Current delays are shown on Infochange, or be sure to ask us.

We will continue to attend to all requests and orders as soon as possible. We have the technology in place to continue with our remote support, training, and service. We appreciate your business!