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Community Education – Industry Education – In-House Training

Community education can make the difference between a hostile and a cooperative working environment. DRW Associates representatives are always available to attend neighborhood meetings, zoning meetings, council meetings, and any other communication forum to inform concerned parties regarding the levels and effects of vibration and noise in their community.

Staff members regularly present educational programs at industry seminars around the world. Numerous regulatory and government agency publications and specifications have been written with the guidance of Dr. Walter & Associates personnel. Ongoing training is provided for safety specialists in the private and public sectors. Dr. Walter & Associates has contributed to many of the industry manuals and textbooks in use today.

Dr. Walter & Associates also creates and conducts in-house and on-site training sessions for industry personnel on environmental sound and vibration. Seminars include operation of new seismic equipment, blast design, vibration and acoustic monitoring methods, proper inspection procedures and more. Dr. Walter & Associates will travel wherever necessary in order to educate and train blasters, operators, business owners, insurance groups, engineering groups, and government officials.

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