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DRW Associates ( Dr. Edward J. Walter & Associates ) is an Instantel dealer with over 30 years of experience in vibration monitoring, project consulting and seismograph sales and support. DRW Associate’s clients include companies from construction, mining, manufacturing, blasting, high tech, medical and engineering industries. We have completed projects for and partnered with federal, state and local governments, as well as overseas organizations.  We specialize in sales, rentals and consulting of remote monitoring seismograph equipment, service and support.


State-of-the-art instrumentation can be purchased, leased or rented. We can also train your personnel to deploy the equipment and provide consulting on project specifications.  Click Here for Instrumentation


Our experienced staff will design a monitoring solution for your project, complete pre and post inspections and provide documentation showing compliance.  Click Here for Services


We also conduct on-site training sessions for equipment operators and managers on seismograph use, data collection and maintenance.  Read More


Akron OCIT: Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel See Detail
Vibration Monitoring at Buckeye Lake See Detail
Vibration Monitoring at the Cleveland Public Square See Detail
Vibration Monitoring at the James A Garfield Memorial See Detail
Vibration Monitoring: Cleveland Museum of Natural History See Detail

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